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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle bbdd
Post Content

the aftermath of a storm (or any natural disaster)
is always worse than the actual storm.
Thatīs when one suffers the actual consequences.

The whole thread being VERY fresh in my mind
(as I just read it, having been led here by a usenet post), the guy is just a newspaper prophet.

He was specifically asked about the New Orleans,
he specifically did not mention storms, floods, or any other kind of natural or man-made disaster.
He mentioned what ANYONE whoīs ever been to New Orleans would think of when New Orleans is mentioned.
While he goes to great trouble to warn us about
(nonspecific) viruses emerging from (non specific) "windy" cities, he certainly didnīt go to any trouble to warn anybody about Katrina or to steer any of those "refugees" to some handy "portal".

If you read the whole thread with "a grain of salt", youīll see for yourself that he hasnīt predicted anything which could be corroborated.

He is simply a fair BS artist with a sophomoric
"New Age" education catering to an audience that loves to worry about the future.

Indeed some of his generalizations are good advice but they are not "prophecy" by any stretch of the imagination.

How goes the test? If he errs once, stone him...
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