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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Folowing the thread as it develops only makes it easier to swallow the load of crap that "Gaia Man" is spewing because you tend to get emotionally involved, especially if youre predisposed to believing dime store prophets.
Reading the whole thread in one sitting makes it easier to see hes bogus.

Only if youd been living in a cocoon would you not know about the world events which he has failed to prophesy about.
The events which he has *apparently* got right are easy to hypothesise if one examines the given variables.
But even then he lacks the specificity which might qualify him as a seer in my book
All the kozmic bru ha ha he states is typical "New Age" fare, and many of his "prophecies" are re-hashed Nostradamus-without due credit.

Im not surprised that you want to defend him, but the fact that you want to defend him, that you want him to be right, is precisely why youre assesment of his authenticity is flawed. It lacks objectivity and is colored by your desire to believe.

For example. You just stated that Gaia predicted that France would soon be on fire...
You equate a bunch of teen-age muslims and rabble-rousers setting fire to some cars and shops and such with a whole nation being on fire.
It feels good to you because it makes you feel less gullible, it justifies your misplaced faith in some unknown BS artist.
But France is NOT on fire. Only some cars and stuff.
If somebody were to NUKE al the major cities in France, not just start some fires here and there,
Id be more likely to give the guy some serious consideration.
But as it is, Ive seen enough BS artists in my time to recognize another one, and "Gaia Man" fits the BS artist bill.

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