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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle bbdd
Post Content
Oh, are you uptight? I´m not. Mellow Yellow.
But I bet your "start a Nostradamus thread" comment is directed at me, and it just goes to show that you´re sooo into the bull that you´re not paying attention.
Maybe I should stART A cESLETINE pROPHECY THREAD and a SciFi thread and a social engineering thread and a BS artiste thread...etc.

The point is that your seer is NOT genuine or authentic. He is borrowing what he spews from many sources and not of it is him looking ahead, nor is he giving credit. Nothing like a little kozmic plagiarism among neocheating psychic vampires.
If you were familiar with the material you´d catch on quick.

And since you´re already uptight...How come his handle isn´t something unassuming like
"Jerry", or "Peter", or maybe a little posturing like "Michael" (BS artists love that "Michael" handle..makes them sound Angelic-NewAge space kadets and groupies love that stuff)
I mean "Gaia Man", geez. Earthman with a little Celtic hocus pocus threwn in. How quaint.

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