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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Mark
Post Content
Hello to all of you,

I just wanted to announce that we collected all of Gaia Mans postings on a website and that this site has a search function. The adress is:


You can find all of Gaia Mans postings there, in both english (original) and german translation, which was done by Mati, Tascha, me and others.

I think that this site also can be very useful for only english speaking persons, for you can search a word, a county etc in english as well.

If you want to know what Gaia Man said about India, for instance, you just type in "India" and then you find it all. On the bottom of the side you can tip on "Nächste Seite" (Next page)and then you get the next page of his postings about India, for instance.

The search function is on the middle of the right side. There´s a box: you will find it.

There are also county- tags in german language on the left side, which you will understand as well in most of the cases.

I guess the www.gaiaman.blog.de can be very helpful, especially if you remember something you read some time ago & if you can´t find it anymore.

Note: This website is only repeating what Gaia Man already said here. This godlike productions forum is the only place, where Gaia Man writes himself (so far).

Best regards,
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