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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle ISquare
Post Content
Maybe he has to think on some pretexts or excuses if the events he predicted donīt happen: the great cold this winter, the propagation of the roits that started in France, the earthquake around Istanbul (or anywhere else in that region). What shall he write when all these things donīt happen? He could say: Well, folks, plans have changed. It was a last minute decision from heaven, itīs better for mankind the great cold will not come and the roits donīt spread and the earthquake wonīt be a seven plus but a minor four or even less. Events of the future are not chiseled into stone, rather they tend to change as human beings are absolutely incalculable. Future is more made of chaos theory than of fixed events that will happen with total security and predictabilty. So donīt mind, friends, all these events will not occur. At least not in the next months. Future is a permanent dynamical process (Heraklit), itīs not a road straight forward, it changes permanently so any predictions are just probabilities but not events that must happen.
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