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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Gaia Man
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10:57 am EDT Re: The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...


"There is coming The Great Cold.
Many people shall leave, for many it will be to late! This year before The Great Cold,"

Well, it certainly is cold now here in the uk and below average november temperatures, it also struck me that gaia man did not mention snow, although undoubtably, if the current climate continues, the snow shall come.
And to think that just over a week ago the temperatures were above normal!

"Average conditions for November(UK)are daytime maxima of 10 or 11C (low 50īs F) and overnight minima of 4 or 5C (around 40C) - although the higher ground of Scotland normally begins to see nightly frosts at this stage. Average rainfall totals for the month are around 80mmīs and with the shortening days just 2 hours of sunshine is typical.

Hereīs how the forecast compares….

Monday 14th to Sunday 20th November

The new week will start fine for most. Monday will bring plenty of sunshine to England and Wales, but thanks to a low pressure area moving to the north Northern Ireland and Scotland will be stuck under greyer skies with rain sweeping into western Scotland through the day. It will also be very windy for the northern half of Britain, with a risk of gales.

Tuesday may well bring a shock to the system for many as northerly winds take hold and bring a blast of air from the Arctic. It will feel distinctly chilly, especially following our mild days of late, and this will only be exacerbated by a fairly cutting breeze. Early in the day a band of rain will slide south over England and Wales, leaving sunny spells in its wake. Scotland and Northern Ireland will start bright and fine but here showers will become widespread and turn increasingly wintry. There is a risk of significant snow over higher ground (mainly northern Scotland) but even at low levels by evening.

A frosty night will take us into Wednesday when the cold and showers will continue. The bulk of the showers are likely to affect exposed northern and eastern areas of the UK (once again with the possibility of significant snow on high ground). Sheltered parts of southern England and Wales should be largely spared and receive the best of the days sunshine. Temperatures will be below average for all and the northerly wind will continue to hammer this home.

The end of the week does show signs of things becoming quieter as high pressure builds in from the west and suppresses the showers. The wind will ease so it should also feel a little warmer despite temperature values remaining below average. High pressure at this time of year does though bring its own concerns of frosty nights and lingering fog patches - drivers beware.

Monday 21st to Sunday 27th November

Rather like the first week it looks like our weather pattern will be based around high pressure to the west and low pressure in the east - producing a cold northerly air-stream across the country..

We are all likely to see showers or longer spells of rain, perhaps even something more wintry for higher ground. The east is likely to bear the brunt of the weather with the heaviest rain and also strongest winds.

Temperatures will be below average, but it will feel colder still thanks to the stiff northerly wind.

Monday 28th November to Sunday 11th December
This period looks set to bring a return of a milder southwesterly influence to our weather.

However, the modelīs statistics conflict somewhat with its favoured pressure scenario. I.e. the model wants to feed low pressure areas across the country from the Atlantic but does not back this up with average rainfall totals which fit this picture, or indeed typical temperatures.

Overall most of us can expect around average rainfall but even with temperatures up on the previous week they may still be below average.
[link to www.bbc.co.uk]
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