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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Gaia Man
Post Content
Dear Souls,

The time to return with new writings has not come yet for me. I am waiting on the Green Light from my Guide!
But there are some things I liked to be said. First, I am fine at the moment. Thank you for you concern and worries. I am okay.
Second let me thank you for reading my posts on this forum.
Also I like to thank, the owners and admins on this forum, for the giving me the chance and tool to share my visions. My native language also is not English, but this is a English spoken forum, where people meet from places, all over the Planet. If you can, please write in English, or try to find somebody
who can translate your questions or opinions in English.

Nothing is going to change my tone.
Thank those who give me flowers, for those who throw stones. It is okay, because I know, the moment will come
you will put down these stones, or you will leave the thread. You always have you free will.
If there are stones to be thrown, throw them to me and not to each other. When I started writing here, I was aware what would come to me. Because I was aware, I did prepare. I handle it on my own way. Sometimes its easy to deal with, sometimes its not. So be it.

Also again I like you to know, that I seek no power and glory! I am guided where,what and when to write.
I was told when to start and I already told you all, it will tell me when to stop.
I know the time has not come to stop all the writings, also the time has not come yet, to continue!
It will come, even when it was for 1 final writing. I am on a path, you are free to follow. In my last post, I hope
I will be able, to drop you off at the doorstep. You are the one to give the value on my writings. Not me!
I share, you decide what to do with it. Again Free Will. I never claimed all wisdom. Like said in the song, my head
sometimes speaks a language, I don’t understand. My visions are followed by my interpretation. I share both.
Some I did not share, because I am not sure, or I can not find the right words for it.
Some I do not share, because my guide is telling me, not to share. Some I doubt my self.

I hope like I shared my first writing on this forum with you, this will be the location I will share my last
words with you. Again thank you GLP.

I was told by my guide to hand you a alternative to keep in touch with me, if you want.
For that use, I made me a email account. By free will, you can join my contact list.
I will not answer any questions. It is pure, if we will loose contact, you will be able to receive my
writings. Today, I do not know, if it will be necessary to use this email.
For now my writings only were to find in this thread on GLP. I will continue this, as long, I am able.

By sending me a emailadress, I will put you on my contact list. If I send you a email, I will send it to all on the list.
You all will receive the same message. I will not answer on personal questions. I might read them.
I only answer questions in this thread on this forum.
Your emailadress is only for the contact list. I will not give it out to a third party. I do not ask money or donation or whatever. I am happy with my life style, and I already belong to the “rich” people on the Planet.
Again, by free will, you can join the contact list.

If you like you can join it by sending a mail to: [email protected]

A special thank, for those who have light a candle on my request. It was a big help.

At the moment we are in the Eye of the Storm.

And for the questions about the language used here..let us meet at this place.
Its worth wile. A place to united.

[link to www.gratefulness.org]

Take Care
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