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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle ISquare
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Im sorry to tell you I cant give you a link to the alleged cross at the sky. It was cursory discussed in a german prophecy board and the announcement was related to a catholic lady with the pseudonym Nora Arthurs. It was said Nora Arthurs made the prediction there would be a crucifix at the sky, visible all over the world in 2006. This crucifix has been mentioned by some other prophets down the history but is merely to be understood as parable for the global changes yet to come.

As to the asteroid impact that some fear for March 2006, I would like to put all funks minds at ease: If there were an asteroid of some bigger dimension impacting Earth in only four months, it should be rather visible by astronomical observatories. Gaia Man must be in complete error predicting an impact for March 2006. An asteroid impacting us within an interval of four months should already be within our solar system and thus it should be discovered.
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