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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
GOING, Going, gone. Guess Gaia man considers this thread dead.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4130082

Dear friend,

No you are wrong.
I am still here, and watching devolpments now in januari 2012.
Don't worry, I am not gone.
Lets wait and see what will happen in 2012.
I planned to stay here also this year 2012.

Oh yes, i share visions and not predictions in this thread.
I already told 100 times or more.

I am no prophet or what, no future teller, no medium or whatever.
Maybe you cann call me a contact.
Because contact I have.
I began writing here in 2005.

I have nothing to prove...only to tell.
I do not mind what you think of me.


Take Care,

Gaia man,

I have followed your visions from the beginning as you have posted on this site.

but, i believe you are incorrect in your statement 'I share visions'.

what i have usually read are not visions, but instead, more often, INTERPRETATIONS OF VISIONS.

if you were to share your exact visions , without interpretations, I believe the accuracy would be much greater. IN other words, I , myself have had visions all of my life and I usually will make at leastt some interpolation into the vision after the fact due to my CURRENT judgement of what it means.

but , if simply write down EXACTLY what I see and hear without any additions at all...then..in the future, it MAKES sense.

such as your plague that was supposed to happen coming from
'the windy city'...

it was likely obama and the beginning of marxism in the U.S.

Take care,
 Quoting: Gaia Man
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