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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do any regulars remember if Gaia Man mentioned the North Korean situation?

Things seem to be hotting up in that area. Forget the Middle East as the area the World War starts, I would say look to Korea.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37410897

Gaia Man
User ID: 3705
10/22/2006 4:02
Dear Souls,
First thank you for all your best wishes for my 46th birthday!
A year older, a year wiser, they say.
I did study, and got wiser.
We are here to study in a 3D World.
Some are already in the 4th Dimension World.
Some start seeing the Shadows of it borders.
A year ago, I came to tell you, about my Visions and Message.
To tell you, you should prepare for changes to come.
From 2005 to 2012 in our Gregorian Calendar.
7 Years.
Almost 18 months ago, I did start these writings.
It started small, but it had its development.
Itís about you.
You are the one, who can make a difference.
Without being perfect.
Do good and share a hand.
Instead of giving a finger.
For many the Guide already came,
And they hear and listen to their Inner Voice.
If the Voice is talking about Love, Light and Hope,
Know He has arrived! It is your Spirit Guide.
Sometimes you need to do a step back,
To get a better View.

Sit down, and be silent.
Find the peace and rest in yourself.
Talk with your Guide. Ask him!
Ask your Inner Teacher, if he already arrived!
For those who are still not be guided,
Ask for it!
Forgive others and Forgive Yourself.
Find each other. Find a reason to believe!
You find a way. Leave all the past behind.
Step out that Shadow!
I could, why can´t you?
If you can get out your busy life,
Take some breath and time and meditation.
You will be able to see new things.
You should be ready to receive.
By giving to others, you will receive!

The Portal into the Fifth Dimension.
But itís a long road, we walk.
Sometimes I sit at the roof, to observe.
Observe the Starry Night!
Like Vincent.
Watch the World situation.
North Korea, Asia
The middle east.
If only I could change.
It will be upon the road.
As long as I can see The Light.
That I can.

The Light will lead us in the next dimension.
The fifth Dimension!
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