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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I searched the PDF for korea and north korea, here are the results.

Dear Soul,
I did many travels, and the most wonderful people I meet where through out
Asia. People and Governments and Politics are different issues.
There are many poor people in that region. Looking to North Korea for an
example my heart cries. We do not see the gas chambers on TV. We do not see
the children who lost his or her parents,and are to weak to walk.
But they will set free and smile again.
The Light will come for them also.
Like for every Soul, on this Planet.
They will not be forgotten.
Portals are in reach for every Soul on every continent.
Take Care

Dear Soul,
We are living in troubled times.
Where will things heat up, you ask me.
That was a question asked to me last year in 2005. Asia and the Middle-East was
the answer, nothing changed that.
The only difference, we are now 1 year further on that road. The one moment, it
looks like the situation in North Korea will escalate, the other moment it looks
that the situation in the Middle East will explode.
Again I had the Visions since the beginning of the year 2000.
I only can say, it seems to go the way, like it was shown to me. But my writings
here are my own interpretations.
Since I am a normal human being or Soul like you are, I can have wrong
interpretations. What will come first?
That is the most hard to say.
BUT....how more proof the eye needs to see, that the World will become 1 big
chaos? More soldiers are ready to go.
The War will spread all around the world. It will come to every doorstep,
to every house. Prepare, how many times did I use this words. If you can, stay
close to the ones you love, and be a guide for the blind.
When I speak of how we all will see the light and be in peace, I am talking of the
next dimension after entering the Portal. Remember....it all will pass!
Intervention will come from He, who gave us this Planet. God will not allow us to
destroy his greatest gift to man.
Trust, pray and light a candle everyday.
At the end, we will smile and look back over our shoulder, and say...how stupid
we were at that time. At the same moment
in great joy we will accept, the new gift from God. We are lucky.
Dark clouds will be gone, and we will see a golden rainbow and total peace.
Close your eyes, and imagine your paradise. It will be better.
This, keep in mind, during the Chaos to come.
Take Care

User ID: 8145
4:16 pm EDT
Will Rusia and N. korea get into a war with United states
I will come back on this question later, because there is a lot to write about this
for what I saw! But the answer is Yes, and they will have China and Iran on their
But then again, The USA will not be alone in this. It will be East against West, with
at the end a strange role for Russia. But more on this later.
Take care,
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