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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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FROM PAGE 11: Gaia Man
User ID: 3705
11/5/2005 5:43 AM
Re: The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...

Dear Souls,

The coming week, I will be back and do my best to give you more answers.

For now.

For what is seen in the Streets of Paris.
Like I told you, its the base of the Jihad to come in Europe. From here it will spread.
The approval has come from he who is in Pakistan.
It will set Europe on Fire.
It will spread to many cities in France.
It will not stop at the borders.
We will see the same in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona. Brussels,Liege and Antwerp in Belgium.
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and
Utrecht. South to Germany, Cologne,Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Munich and more.
Then to Austria, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck.
Denmark with Copenhagen will see the same.
Italia! From Roma to Milano fire in the streets.
England, London, Birmingham,Liverpool, New Castle. Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Many cities and even small villages througout Europe.
Soon we will see the same in Africa and Asia.
The clock is ticking.

When it takes a pause, do not think its over.
I think it will pause because of a new big Earthquake. Watch your skies, all around the World! Fire is falling, its a sign of times to come. Go outside, take your time and you will witness it. When it seems to ease,then Europe will be in the Eye of The Storm.

We can make a difference!
Light a candle and pray. For every candle that will burn, is Seen. For every prayer said, it is heard!
Do not flow on the wave of Hate.
Its all about Love and Forgiveness!!!!!
Stay close to your parents, brothers, sisters and children. The Storm will come in many ways.
Prepare for a very cold winter. Do not let the Indian Summer fool you.

Take Care
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