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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Norwegistan
Post Content
If GaiaMan is right about the date posted, do you think you will get supplies the day before that? We are talking perhaps millions of people that might not go to work in little over a month from now. If people wont go to work, the world will simply grind to a halt.

Plan ahead. It wont take more than a few days maximum to clean out the inventory in any store. People will go nuts if they can smell the coming disaster.

At least try to have a few weeks of basic food items, even if you have to eat cold food from a tin can, its better than nothing.
This used to be common before at least here in Scandinavia, to have some supplies "just in case". As everything is now JIT (Just in Time), this idea has been abandoned.

I have had two weeks of food for some time, the coming weekend is when i am going to really stock up

If the crisis does not happen, i'll just load the car up and go on a fishing trip for a week with some friends :)
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