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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle _The Operator_
Post Content
"And yet again, THREE thumbs up for above poster:"
"Just look around - or are you blind?!?"

The chaos of the gathering time has begun.
You will find though play time is over,
relearning Love and Energy is fun.

Many of the knowing people,
have suffered enormous rejection.
And these people are those for whom I make this dedication.

To keep the healers at a lower vibration is their goal,
To drag you into their drama,
just to ignore true healing you know,

How many times did you find your Spirit,
only to have it disconnected?
By those of this world who think,
You will stop when your rejected.

Listen to those who have gone beyond,
the holding onto pain,
Those who learned to let go
to live this life again.

The walls the Un doers made were so thick,
But look with your eyes closed,
now you have doors in the brick!

Open the door, reclaim you soul,
Stay on your path.
No matter who out of your life must go.

Meet at the quiet space in the mind,
Where you become separate,
from three dimensional space and time.

Learn from those who are growing,
To stop this nonsense of breaking the hearts the knowing.
It wont hurt much to learn to let go of pain,
To learn to pick up the pieces of your lost soul,
To be whole again.

The time to renew your lost spirit has begun.
It's a time for the gathering of Healers,
Just ask in your mind,
awaken those feelers,
and the gathering you will find

None can hide what they are.
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