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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Qu1ck
Post Content
F. Friedensreich\Gaia Man...

May be i'm not attentive enough, but i still don't get it... :P
What are "Portals" like? I mean, is it some place somewhere, where energy essensies powers some kind of "gates" to somewhere like a familiar for everybody doors in rooms?!...

Or these "portals" haven't a "physical" place, but something like "windows" on the other level of feelings\being that touches in first time human's soul?!... And it doesn't matter for reaching portal, where a human body is?..

Or may be you'll find a better explaination of the main idea of term "Portals"? :)

This question is first idea visiting my mind, when i hear about "portals"... How people would find'em? Is there a need in maps or something else that could help, or these people (who are ready) will find an assist of "experienced beings"? :)

...I know that these people gettin info, but im asking it because it's still not clear for many of them... That's why i guess u sharing it on this big forum not somewhere else in private?

To cover a mass audience. Right? ;)

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