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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Ozi
Post Content
I dont get it. Somebody asked you if France is going to win the final. And u simply said: "You are in france". That is your answer?? First you said Orange V Yellow. Now people r talking about the goalkeepers of the final, cuz they think that the goalkeepers r going to wear orange and yellow dress and the penalty will decide the game. I am disappointed. When people say, "hi Gaiaman, nice to have you back", then you reply. But questions about the final u wont answer. But we will see the final. Then everybody has to dicide whether your predictions r right or not. Cuz til now 30 % of your predictions r right. And i changed my mind. I dont think you can see the future. Its only counting 1+1=2. When i first started to read posting i was impressed. But now i see it as a bad joke.

God bless u
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