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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Gaia Man
Post Content
Dear Souls,

After I returned, again there are many questions, opinions, conclusions, and

So before I go on, to answer some of the questions (its impossible to answer them all for me) first let me place a old answer I wrote in August 2005.

Dear Soul,
I came to this forum to share my VISIONS!
There are so many questions, many questions
I already did answer in earlier postings.
Look what It brought me now.
Stone throwing, they call me a false prophet.
I am NOT a prophet, neither do I predictions.
I just share with you, what I see, when I close
my eyes. I can see things. Then I have to give it a personal interpretation. I need
the time, for every answer I give. I am not on the net 24 hours each day. I have a
normal life. I go to bed, I have to go to work, walk the dogs and I have a family.
When I answer questions, I will try to do that with care.

So again stated this, I hope things get more clear again for some.
Today I will try to answer some more questions. After that I will watch the
Final of the World Cup, Italy against France!! I am looking forward to the game, and hope my vision about the WC is
okay. Until now it looks fine.
I am writing more than 1 year on this forum. Its the only one, where you can find my writings.

There are many writings from me, but only 1 message. The message behind the writings is yours.
Only 1 second is needed, to change
the tear of joy, into the tear of sorrow and pain.

Take Care
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