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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Gaia Man
Post Content
Gaia Man,

Now you are getting specific, thats what I like to read, Welcome back, we have missed you. If you have the time please tell us what will be the results of this Israel, Irag, Syria, mess? Will the US and UK be successfull?
 Quoting: bigbamabutt 127120

Dear Soul,

It will ease for a short time. But short after that it needs only one spark
to set it on fire again. That spark will come. Last year I talked about foreign troops to come in.
They will. Poor Jeruzalem, it was said.
But we have to look beyond!
The Voice of Teheran will get louder, and spread through the Arabic world Blair and England will have heavy diplomatics problems with Iran, like more countries. But England will be extra in the spotlight.
It will be east against west.
There will be problems with the UN organisation. They will make changes.
I pray, for the good to come.
A candle is burning.

Take Care
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