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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle J-Man
Post Content
Another GM hit, I would say!

[link to www.nu.nl]

Floods in the Netherlands.
Goverment wants collective insurance
for people for floods to come to Holland! Hot issue right now.

Can we see this time periode like Gaia Man said around mid 2006, the first floods would come in?
I say yes! I wonder how could he see this all.

Do not fool with this man, he is more then special.

Greetings from Holland Gaia Man, I prepare!
 Quoting: Dutchie 67676

I don't agree. This is no flood because of rising see levels and/or high water levels in the rivers! It was just some havy rain fall and a bad sewer.

However, if this is what he ment and interpreted from his vision we can obiously downgrade a lot of his Visions.

Many of his Visions were not so extreme as he said (e.g. the riots in France were not as big). The events had a big impact on local people, but not internationally. If I would have 1 meter of water in my house, I will experience it as a desaster, but someone in the next city.

Other things however might be part of the Big Storm. The number of earth quakes etc... is alarming. Also a couple of tsunamies in a few your is extreme. So something is happening for sure.

Also I don't think we have to focus on every news event. The global picture is what concerns the most.

Anyway, Gaia Man. You could of course interpret less and just inform us what you see.

All the best,

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