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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Peter
Post Content
More questions for the Gaia Man...

Are you one of the two "witnesses" mentioned in the Book of Revelation? If so, do you know who the other fella is?

What more can you tell us about that "High Priest" you say will be "lifted up" around the time the portals open? Is this Jesus that you're talking about? If so, why didn't you just come out and say so? How exactly will he be lifted up? Will this High Priest have a physical body, or will He have some other form?

What you do think of those new "gnostic" gospels they found in Egypt in the 20th century? Do they preserve authentic teachings from Jesus, or are they as worthless as the RCC says they are?

What do you think of Mohammed? Was he a prophet from God? What do you think of radical Islam today? Do you recognize anything godly in the modern militant Islamic movements, or are they deceived and misguided in their religious beliefs and actions?

- Peter
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