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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Seeing as the Saddam execution is seen as a bellwether point of credibility, I too am tuned in to this "Superbowl" of Gaiaman predictions. I will note that since that long ago prediction, the plausibility is increasing. Saddam himself is requesting execution by firing squad. Suddenly he's found religion - Islam. And some Iraqis are now complaining that his execution will be too private and that it should be televised to all of Iraq in order to bring closure to his regime. For those readers who wonder about the relevance of the above, please read the early and very specific predictions about the Saddam execution.

The appeals court is still debating - they can do anything they want - even set him free. Is it beyond believability that they would toss him the small crumb of execution by firing squad - along with the promise of a live public address - in exchange for a public execution?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 168345

yes,we should see his saddam vision as a bellwether point of credibility because he said he had three clearest visions-the saddam execution by firing squad televised in the middle or the end of 2006 and starting the Great War,the Red Ball of Fire to crash in the pacific,and the portals opening in 2012 for each of us going through individual judgments.

if his clearest can't hit,that i don't know what else to say.but let's be patient and watch.i think the first of the three should hit,but since i'm not the one with the vision,then i can't say it will.and unless it happens,we can't acknowledge that it has hit,like some people might have.there's no sense in such acknowledgement.take care
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