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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
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.I was reading this text, and maybe it help to explain some things that we are talking about in this thread.

It is long text, but is very interesting, once you start to read it, you will want to know it all.

You can find all this info here [link to www.near-death.com]

A Successful Apocalyptic Prophecy Is One That Doesn't Happen

The goal of apocalyptic prophecy is to warn people to prevent it from happening. The reason prophecies are given to humanity is to change current trends and change enough people so that the prophecy will be diverted. Well-known prophecies that were foretold to occur around the millennium have not happened. Skeptics point out that this proves these prophecies to be false. But a better understanding of prophecy reveals that either (1) or (2) is true:

(1) The prophecy was successful in permanently diverting the outcome by the raising of the world's consciousness.

(2) Because the prophecy gives an exact date, the prophecy may still be valid and the date may be wrong.
Prophecies from very credible sources rarely give an exact date. Even Jesus said he didn't know the date and time when he would return. This should be a lesson to everyone who comes across a prophecy with an exact date. (Kevin Williams)

The Future Is Not Fixed And Can Change

During Karen Schaeffer's NDE, she was shown her children's future as it would exist if she decided to remain in the light. Because she decided to return, the future she was shown did not happen. This suggests that the future is always changing from moment to moment based upon our current actions and decisions. This principle supports quantum mechanic principles. (Kevin Williams)

One of Margot Grey's NDE research subjects stated:

During my experience ... I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them. (Grey, 1985, p. 123)

Rev. Howard Storm was given information on how the future is not fixed:

We have free will. If we change the way we are, then we can change the future which they showed me. They showed me a view of the future, at the time of my experience, based upon how we in the United States were behaving at that time. It was a future in which a massive worldwide depression would occur. If we were to change our behavior, however, then the future would be different. (Rev. Howard Storm)

Howard was also told how a single person can change the world:

All it takes to make a change was one person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person changing for the better. They said that the only way to change the world was to begin with one person. One will become two, which will become three, and so on. That's the only way to affect a major change. (Rev. Howard Storm)

Cassandra Musgrave's visions of the future:

(a) There will be a 20 year period from 1992 to 2012 where events will be greatly accelerated on earth.

(b) Great earth changes will occur: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, great winds. Areas of the east coast will be surprised regarding earthquakes.

(c) Japan will slip into the ocean.

(d) There will be three days of darkness due to natural earth disasters with smoke from volcanoes that will block the sun.

(e) Humanity will undergo a roller-coaster ride but it will not last forever. If we have darkness for three days, it will pass. We will always have the light.

i get the link from this thread
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

And for you Gaia Man, if they call you liar because one of your visions didn´t come true,,,, JUST BE HAPPY ,,,, maybe someone read your answer´s about some country future, and make a move to avoide it.

For you all that read this thread:

The best for you, and remember we all have THE POWER TO CHANGE THE FUTURE.
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