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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle No One
Post Content

tanks for sharing your opinion.

No One
User ID: 169002
12/13/2006 12:07 AM

The best for you, and remember we all have THE POWER TO CHANGE THE FUTURE.

Sorry, but the future is your destiny.
Don´t sorry, i´m happy with my future/destiny, in fact some of my destiny till the moment it was my choice (free will) and i know that destiny is partial and our moves and choices are the rest.

You can no more change it then you can avoid death.

Not true, first i never want to avoid death, i have accept it long time ago, second the limit is only in your mind.
Have we used our power and changed anything to stop earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions or wars. Answer: NO!
Wars can be stop by normal persons, on the other way yes we can´t do much about natural events, BUT we can pray and light a candle, i´m shore that it will make a big difference.

What you may be able to do is prepare for the future in some way.
Yes, prepare is important, BUT the future still can change, the only permanent thing in time is the pass, already happeans and can´t be change, also we are not robots, with programmed orders.

The future is inevitable and can not be altered by humans.
Do you know any other living creatures in this planet that have the power to change things? and the other powers that we have inside and we still can´t remember it?
If i think that my next day is writhen in a stone and i can´t do nothing to change it,,, than Í`M ONLY A OLD VINIL RECORD PLAYNG FOR SOMEONE A VERY OLD SONG, many things are part of destiny, but others NO.

Maybe by a higher power.
YES a higher power,,,,, and this power if he wants to change the future, than it may only do it because of us (the humans) since we are the ones that are in danger, imagine if many hask for mercy and pray, imagine that people still can change for the better, do you still think we have a chance? would the future change?

The biggest reason why humans can not change the future is very simple. You will never get enough people to agree on the same thing at the same time.
Depends, how much is enough people for you? maybe for some 10 is ok, and for others 100 will be ok, only one still can make the difference, Remember Jesus? he make the difference.

This thread is a perfect example of that.
I see here different point of view, different opinions also, but in one way all the people that come here agree on the same thing,,,, THEY WANT TO KNOW THE FUTURE OF THEYR COUNTRY,,, true or not ,, they just want to know it

The future will come and whatever it brings can not be changed.
If we think like that, than we can start to kill each other, since we can´t do nothing, the future is in STONE, and can´t be change.
Sorry i don´t agree with you on this, we know only the things that others teach us and some litle conclusions that we can figure it out by our selfs, this world is still a mistery for us, again only the pass can´t be change, IF WE HAVE THE STONES TO READ THE FUTURE, than we can say that it can´t be change, so we don´t have it, and the future or part of it will be made by us.

Sorry to burst your bubble.
You are wellcome, if there was only one opinion in all things we were not able to learn as fast as we can, because all people will do the same mistakes at same time.

Wish it was possible,
If you wish, than it is a good start, but the things that you wish and the things that you believe are different, it is like thermodynamics law, if you wich free energy, but you follow a law that says it is impossible, than you have the same opinion as others, and you will be stuck in that way of thinking, again learning will take much more time.

but it is not and never will be.
Also not agree with you, first i don´t have information that it is not, or i don´t have nothing to tell me the it will never be.

Find peace in your own mind and this is the closest you will ever come to changing the future.
I have already find the peace in my mind, yes in the moment that i realize that i was not a playing record, after that i have improve many things, and not only accept what was to come.
WE HARE THE SHEEP OF THE LORD, but we can chose the best grass to eat.

The forces have been put into motion.
Can you tell me more about it please?

The four horseman are ridding and can not be stopped.
Can you tell me more about it please?

Your future (destiny) will play out over the next year.
Are you talking about my person or the humans?
and next year, any special reason?

We can but accept what it holds.
We can accept the present and the pass, the future we always must hope/WISH the best, AND THAT IS WHAT MAKES US HUMANS KEEP GOING ON, WE ALWAYS HOPE.

May the light shine upon all of you and give you peace in the end days.
For me the first end was in 2000, that was the way that someone teach me, so i have made plans to that year, for me there was not 2001/2/3 etc, end 1999 my life change like 0 to 100kmH, now people say the end maybe 2012, but now i keep planning only the next day, till it stops comming for me, or better to say the moment i pass out.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 169374

I respect your ideas, the same way i wish you respect me.
For shore we come from different countrys, we have live different lives, we have learn different things, enjoy life in different ways, and that is the reazon of different opinions.

I may be wrong, you may be wrong, maybe the future can be change but we still don´t know how to do it.

Any way, HOPPE is above all things, so for me WE STILL CAN CHANGE MANY THINGS IN FUTURE, if i´m alone!! no problem is better one positive idea than 1 million negative, and if someone wants to join me, than it will be 2 person agains 2 million, like the pyramids they were made stone by stone.

Any opinion it will be only based on the little knowledge that we have, for the complet picture, only a higher power.

Thanks for your opinion.

And i wish you all a good FUTURE

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