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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
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i gotta say,i don't know when the appeals court will rule exactly,but it's coming very soon.next month seems likely to be the latest.i don't know if pm maliki's wish can still be granted to have him executed by the end of the year,but i think i know why they have to make the execution so 'swift' or 'immediate' right after the appeals verdict.

this is the final verdict,no other legal means can overturn the decision.the only way could be for politics to hinder the process,but president talabani has said he'd sign if his shiite vice did,and his sunni vice has already pledged to sign the death warrant as well as a condition to get his job.signing could be very quick,in a day or two perhaps.

and i don't think the iraqi govt can stand for long after the appeals verdict's released.think of it,guys,the final verdict of death sentence will absolutely fire up the sunnis and wreak extreme havoc in the entire country,and there might be a life-saving attempt on saddam as anticipated as well.they need to have an execution venue very close to the prison.everything has to be done in baghdad alone,as even the signing of the death warrants.maliki thinks by killing saddam he could demoralize the sunnis,that's why i think the time between the appeals court ruling and the execution has to be very short indeed.

but in the end,i still doubt saddam will be executed THIS WEEK.sorry,but i hope things will prove me wrong here too.and the firing squad is still a question mark,though i think saddam's dujail trial and character in the trial itself since it started until the middle of december 06 have been very closely linked to what gaiaman's said about them.
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