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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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From the Russian newspaper: Azerbaijan prepares for the Iranian war After the beginning of operations the country wait: a stream of refugees, rocket impacts on the American objects and ecological accident. Impact of the USA across Iran can be put the nearest weeks. A number of the American telechannels vividly discusses it is not known whom the named exact date of an attack on April, 6th. And observers in Kuwait assume, that operation will begin in March, and impact will be put, most likely, from the sea to not endanger infantry. What consequences will be had with such succession of events, to predict difficultly. But already now it is possible to approve, that in the conflict will appear, the states of region are involved to some extent all. With alarm watch an event around of Iran in the next Azerbaijan. From the president of Azerbaijan Elhama Aliev wait for concrete actions. The present policy spent by official Baku, much is not absolutely clear. In economic development the country was already defined. So, Azerbaijan has already signed from the USA a lot of serious contracts and agreements on delivery of oil and development of new deposits. And here in military-political area till now clearnesses are not present. Ildar Namazov, the political scientist: « That our authorities do, reminds me the person at whom one leg goes on the left, another to the right both legs part. And these scissors between external and internal policy in what good will not result ». Azerbaijan yet has not given the official sanction to installation in frontier areas of the American mobile radars which can watch territory of Iran. But the positive decision is quite possible. That should disturb inhabitants of republic. By means of these radars in a zone of tracking southern areas of Russia get also, and it does not remain without attention of Moscow. Among other things, in territory of Iran lives about 27 million ethnic Azerbaijanians, and in case of aggression from the USA the most part of the population will direct to Azerbaijan, and it is fraught with humanitarian accident. . Ildar Namazov, the political scientist: « To us can rush hundred thousand refugees, for economy of Azerbaijan, for our social and economic situation, certainly, it would be very serious threat and a serious problem ». Iran cannot reach the rockets territory of America and their nearest bases, and here strike by radars and oil development, both on the ground, and in the sea will quite manage. In Azerbaijan hope, that отрытого oppositions with application of rockets between Iran and America will not occur, but in Baku just in case check bombproof shelters. Retaliation can put Iran from Caspian sea on oil objects which have redeemed or Americans, and such objects near to Baku not rent one ten. A part of the rockets which have been let out from the Iranian territory, the purpose quite can reach. And then, as in film of horrors, the country which will overflow a stream of refugees, expects not only humanitarian accident, but also ecological. In case of rocket impacts oil for certain will get in the sea and will light up on the ground near to settlements, including at Baku. Among other things, Iran can strike and on the airports of Azerbaijan which too represent strategic interest. Official Baku has appeared in a situation when already practically it is impossible to tell is not present to America: oil contracts you will not copy, but if radars will be established, it will be possible to not doubt of reciprocal attack because Iran will consider Azerbaijan as the ally of America.
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