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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Gaia Man, kindly confirm or deny what I am to say!

I have a strong premonition of the Great Middle Eastern War breaking out by March 21. It will be Iran suddenly attacking Israel setting off WW3. I also feel for a date, April 6, 2007 for the event of the Great Warning.

Is it possible for you to cross check on this? I would be very happy to be proven false on my conjecture. Life is still pleasant for the onset of the gloom and doom.

Can be averted by prayer, isn't it Gaia man?

Thanks a lot for sharing your visions!

 Quoting: Mir 54772


The USA the American militarians have appointed date and time of impact across Iran are going to strike across Iran on April, 6th in four o'clock in the morning on local time. It approves site Debka close to the Israeli special services which refers thus to sources in the Russian investigation. Earlier the Russian news agencies, also referring to the certain sources close to investigation of the Russian Federation, have informed, that the USA actively prepare for impact across Iran. Under the version of the Israeli site having ambiguous reputation, operation carries the code name "Sting" (Bite) and will be prolonged 12 with superfluous hours. For this time it is supposed to put the massed bombing attack from air which purpose become nuclear objects of Iran. Ground intrusion it is not planned. The purpose of all operation, under the statement of not named sources, - to reject the nuclear program of Islamic republic which suspect of aspiration to create the nuclear weapon, on several years ago. Now at borders of Iran in Persian gulf, according to mass-media, pass the largest from the moment of intrusion into Iraq per 2003 naval doctrines in which 10 000 American military men and about 100 military planes V of fleet of Naval Forces of the USA are involved. As the representative of command of 5-th fleet of Naval Forces of the USA which (Bahrain) is based in Manama has informed, these maneuvers on Friday should come to the end. It is remarkable, that Teheran denies the information on doctrines. The case of guards of Islamic revolution of Iran has declared on Wednesday (put later after messages in mass-media about the beginning of maneuvers), that no large-scale military doctrines of Naval Forces of the USA in Persian gulf are present, and messages on their carrying out has named " an element of psychological war " against Iran. In total in region there are 45 ships of NATO, 15 from which the others belong to partners of the USA on a coalition, - American, the representative of command V of fleet Charli Brown has informed on March, 21st. Since then the coalition fleet has replenished at least with one more авианосной group: in past пятинцу to Arabian sea there has arrived French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, whose planes should support forces of NATO in Afghanistan. The version about fast impact across Iran extends last days a number of the Russian and foreign mass-media referring to not named Russian sources close as affirms, to investigation. The first information вброс has occured on March, 27th when the USA have begun doctrines in Persian gulf. On Friday, on March, 30th RIA of "News" again referring to a source in the Russian power structures has informed, that according to the Russian military investigation the American armed forces have practically finished preparation for possible military operation against Iran. The given investigations as approves news agency, speak that the USA have defined the list of the possible purposes in territory of Iran, and during maneuvers have fulfilled the plan of operation. According to an anonymous source, the American command will be ready to carrying out of attack in first half of April, however the decision on the beginning of military operation should accept a political management of the USA.
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