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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle GM2016
Post Content
Soon we will see another terrorist attack or explosion In New York City. (or else in a big city in the US, but I think it will be in NYC)
It will be a planned provocation against the new elected President Trump.
Also he will start travelling or invite some major countries.
High on that list are Russia and Israel.

In Europe we will see many elections with the same outcome we saw in the USA!
Chaos will split the European Union due the many coming elections in the divers countries.

German relations with the Usa will be very cold.
Nato will survive under the Trump administratation.
They will make a step back in Eastern Europe.
But he will not break the ties.

 Quoting: GM2016

You have talked about dark forces trying to disrupt the presidency of Trump, as well as terrorist attacks on New York City and man-made plague/virus in Chicago. Can prayer thwart these dark forces and change the outcome for New York City and Chicago?
 Quoting: LisaDiane

Yes it can!!

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