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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle J-Man
Post Content
Hi Gaia Man,

It seems that you had a busy time... Nice to know your're still there and even find time to check this site.
I have been reading this thread from (almost) day 1 (even the part that is still missing). I think I see many of your visions you have mentioned happening.
Don't you have the feeling that you mentioned too much in some occasions? I have the impression that many of your visions or off in timing (things happen later, or have not happened (yet)). Also, the impact/serverity of some visions were (interpretation?) not so big.
Do you feel that you have to correct/reinterpret some of your visions so we all will be on track a bit more (please do!).
Personally I am a bit confused, all the things you have mentioned, partially happened, partially not.
Please respond to this message seriously. I realise that many idiots are messing up this thread, but please, stay with (most of) us a bit longer.


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