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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you got that right.

dreaming of global peace is nonsense. look this thread, not even peace between the posters. they call others blithering idiots, fuck twats, dumwits, being nothing, and so on. and these people speak on global peace! they cannot keep peace in this thread, but they speak on global peace. they don't live what they are talking about. they wouldn't give away a dollar for a bum on the streets but they talk on peace and living a spiritual life. in this thread there's only one exception and that is gaia man himself, who never spoke a bad word.

but if someone writes gaia man's predictions are irreal, then the writer is attacked by those people who speak on global peace. if you watch the behaviour of all persons involved in the small community of this thread, and also the behaviour of all writers in other GLP threads, you see the reason and cause why there's no peace worldwide.

therefore, i call you dreamers who believe there's peace in the world after 2012. because earth is a melting-pot and a training ground of and for billions of souls with each having a totally different background of individual development compared to other souls, there cannot be global peace no matter how far you look forward.

the trouble is that you all react to provocation and that you do not live the law of love and mercy. and the portals in 2012, if they should ever become reality, shall not change that, because changes first must come from the inner and from free will.
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