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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle SEARCHER
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Gaia man

I am the poster from Manila who asked you once about your vision about the Philippines. I must express my gratitude to you that you were gracious enough to share your vision about the Philippines. You mentioned terror attacks. Yes Gaia man, I must tell you I believed you and from thereon I prayed daily that what you saw would not happen. I know you will be delighted to know that because of your warning vision, and perhaps the prayers of readers from my country, 9 terrorists with the explosives as evidence against them were aprehended by police and thus foiled what could have been a devastating attack. I would like you to know that Manila suffered it's worst terror attack December 30, 2000 preceeding 9/11 by at least 8 months. Many casualties and infrastructure destroyed.

Thanks again Gaia man, you have served the people of the Philippines with your warning vision.

Gaia man, since it's been quite some time since you gave that vision, is there anything new that we must take notice of and yes to pray against in our part of the world,, which is the Philippines?


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