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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle ministryofdreams
Post Content
jose alvarez, took, said, dee finney, the name, ministry of dreams, stole, like arron shutt, and janet mcknight, all, lose, salvation, chance, and cecil pennyton, its over, she said, lawrence forman let he post, on his website, the stolen name ministry of dreams, to make prophet fall, we dont want you to live for God, said david shapiro, and christina, marie sanford, like, duncan rouleau, wrote, the nightmarists, but, stole the name ministry of dreams, to trap prophet, make him sue, wont, but, duncan rouleau, ruined, like his children, matt brady, and jonah weiland, nick field, dave karlotski, Harlequin, and, andy shaw, Konstantin Ternianov, Robert Dinse, antonia vladimirova, jean patrick charrey, Dana Tillusz and Chad Boudreau, Micheru Mathys, took, said, dee finney, all want prophet to fall, liars, not saved, but claim, gabriel, showed, record, the vision, these all are being brought down, saith the Lord, they wanted prophet to backslide, and God is making them fall, right now, known all over the world, ruined, dee finney, you witch, saith the Lord, like jose alvarez and jeremy taylor, preach, in Jesus name, like antonia vladimirova, but, we took it, said, jeremy taylor, o.k., said, antonia vladimirova, like nothing is wrong, they wanted prophet to perish, thought, they, would be the one that made him fall, but he is elijah,
david shapiro of furcadia with katie bazor, amanda dee, jeff dee, and george doran, and the man that posted in the people's bible with charles deems name on, write them and ask them why they wanted christian to fall, like elizabeth shea, and joe lalich, which are duncan rouleau's children, and justin daniels davis, all stole the name ministry of dreams to make christian fall, write and ask them why they hate God so much
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