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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle ME
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your friends in that terrible attack. My prayers are with you. You must have been terribly shaken by this.

Gaia man

I am the poster from Manila who asked you once about your vision about the Philippines. I must express my gratitude to you that you were gracious enough to share your vision about the Philippines. You mentioned terror attacks. Yes Gaia man, I must tell you I believed you and from thereon I prayed daily that what you saw would not happen. I know you will be delighted to know that because of your warning vision, and perhaps the prayers of readers from my country, 9 terrorists with the explosives as evidence against them were aprehended by police and thus foiled what could have been a devastating attack. I would like you to know that Manila suffered it's worst terror attack December 30, 2000 preceeding 9/11 by at least 8 months. Many casualties and infrastructure destroyed.

Thanks again Gaia man, you have served the people of the Philippines with your warning vision.

Gaia man, since it's been quite some time since you gave that vision, is there anything new that we must take notice of and yes to pray against in our part of the world,, which is the Philippines?



Dear Soul,

I know about the danger I spoke about your country.
But keep your meditation and prayings.
It is not over with one or 2 arrests.
Its a longer way.
Earthquake and floodings on the way.
More attacks of terrorism in Manilla, and the islands.
Tourists to you country will be at risk for kidnapping!

Take Care

Gaia man scored another hit.Here is my report:

I've been praying against terror attacks since then but lately I slackened a bit because of too many concerns, many other things to pray for that I forgot about terrorism.

Here is what actually happened Tuesday evening at the office where I work:
I posted this at the Rapturenow forum.

[link to www.xsorbit2.com]

Office Where I Work Terror Attacked!!
« on: November 13th, 2007, 5:24am »


This happened at 8:00 pm one hour after our time off at 7:00pm. Very powerful car bomb heavily damaged our South Wing Lobby. Many injured including at least 2 Congressman according to very recent TV news. Lec

Explosion rocks Philippines lower house
Several people wounded, including 2 lawmakers, after blast near entrance

MSNBC News Services
updated 8:02 a.m. ET Nov. 13, 2007
MANILA, Philippines - An explosion rocked one of the entrances to the Philippine House of Representatives late Tuesday, leaving at least two members of Congress and several other people injured, radio reports and a congressman said.

Radio DZBB said three cars were damaged and Rep. Luis Ilagan was among at least four injured.

Rep. Satur Ocampo told The Associated Press those injured included another congresswoman and a driver. He said the blast happened shortly after 8 p.m. (1200 GMT) as the House ended its session. Police have cordoned off the area in suburban Quezon City.

I am already at home when the explosion took place learning what happened while at the dinner table watching the evening news. I was shocked that only 1 hour had elapsed after we left the office at 7:08 pm when an hour later the terror attack took place. Because there was a flea market near the spot where the bomb attack took place, I recall having passed twice the very same spot where the bomb exploded as I bought something from the flea market. Police suspect that it's the flea market that caused the lapse in security because many people were allowed to enter the compound, perhaps the big baggages not inspected anymore.

My report Wednesday November 13, 2007
A close female associate still in emergency fighting for her life. Had prayed for her. Horrible!! Got badly burned
end quote

The female officemate I am talking in the quote is now dead. Her name is Maan Bustalino, our co-employee. She is only 29 years old, very bright, still single and with a lot of potential. We just had a public hearing in the morning at 9:30 to 1:30 pm and by 1:30 am today, she's dead. She never thought she would die. How true, nobody knows the day nor the hour. The Congressman who got badly injured is also now dead. He's Wahab Akbar, the representative from the province of Basilan, a Muslim area. A driver of a Congresswoman is also dead while another female co-employee is still in the hospital badly hurt. Many others still remain in the hospital and some still in critical condition. Had the explosion happened an hour earlier, much more people would have been dead and injured.

4 people dead and still many others in the hospital severely injured

Gaia man is correct. I asked him once what else he foresaw about the Philippines. Before I asked him, I first conveyed to him my gratitude for his warning which I used as basis to pray against terror attacks in the past which were foiled but Gaia Man insisted that danger still exists which his last reply to me bear out so clearly. Lately, I slackened in my prayers against terror attacks because there are just too many other concerns that need attention and prayers that I can no longer cover everything. Events are truly heating up one after another in quick succession that it's getting impossible to cope up. The prayer warriors can no longer find sufficient time to intercede against doom events.
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