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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
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where once there was static, motion replaces.
where's the energy gone- under what face?
it gains momentum, gravitates toward fate. blood colors water upstream, like death's scent travels upwind, but underneath. i feel alot of underneath.
gaia man, you are underneath. maybe you can feel the recede. it comes again. what do i see for you? peace.
believe it. more words.
you are so far, you're on the other side. remember the years since you read this. things to be. youre thinking backwards. you only ask so much...
there is no by grace alone. is no time. there is such thing as infinite.
what has started, will finish fast. i don't mean wars. there is no life. that is what i mean. and all of this underneath, i think, may mean undiscovered. precisely.
do you feel the air today? it's empty.
waiting for the spark of the face. no ending.
powerful, powerful energy will act like pressure in the earth- momentum upon momentum, the shape of our ascent. prepare for signifigant timing.
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