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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dear Soul,

As you wish.
The time to prepare was when I opened this thread.
But, this moment is not to late to start.
Maybe in your local or worldsituation, tomorrow is to late.
Will it make any difference?
Yes it will.
With it, you can share with others.
You are able to help friends, who didn't see,
and did not prepare.

But time is short.
Use it wise!

Take Care
 Quoting: Gaia Man

I understand what you say, but I need to add something.

Prepare for what really?
Each one of us has its own local reality. Yes yes, I know what is coming will affect all of us, but one thing I am sure: The only thing we can have prepared is our own mind! It doesn't really mean nothing having a shelter or water or food stacked on some place. We have no idea of the full event that is ahead of us! Some seem to focus on the physical side of the events but in a 'old fashioned' way. A way that belongs to the Now, and not to the Next.
Gaia man, I'll not speak directly to you, and forgive me if some misunderstanding comes along with my next words.
Gaia man is not a prophet. He's a man just like me and you, but with a natural (and fortunate) deficit of 'mental/reality filters'. What I mean is that Gaia man is looking further, but all his words are being received now, in the nowadays mentality and physicality.
I admit, that every word that came from G.M. is in some way important, but sometimes I see questions that do not imply a truthfully need of understanding, but rather a desire to know what is going to happen before it happens, and all that could lead to some terrible wrong interpetations.
Visions are all about that! Interpretation!
Bombarding G.M. with questions which only aim is to satisfy the personal desire of information, will lead to nothing really. Information is nothing without the knowledge to use it, and while G.M. is willingly answering those questions that came from the Ego, true questions are being forgotten. We shouldn't really care HOW THINGS WILL LOOK, but rather, how things will work out! and that, friends, is a job for each ones judgmental ideas.
Oh don't take me wrong! I have tons of questions I would like to ask to someone that could answer it, but knowing the answers wouldn't bring me any knowledge! The Experience of the situations, that does bring me knowledge. Living the surprise! I don't really want to know How things will react to this changing times, and barely i care why the times are changing, but I'm very interested in What Changes! And knowing the future results do not demonstrate the reasons of such results. I don't want to know how will my life or any life will be after something happens, I don't want to know what will really happen in order to change my life and any life, but I do want to know, what is causing it! I want to know it because that is that kind of information that leads to a more profound knowledge of the self and the 'world' that surrounds each one of us!
Stop caring with what happens to X country Vs Y country, and start caring about what leads certain figures to act like that, and more answers that questions will invade your life!

My though drifted by know to the question of 'countries of light' and the visions about those. What is behind such pinpoints is of the outmost importance compared with the pinpoints themselves, don't you think?


With Love!
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