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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Gaia Man
Post Content
Dear Souls,

Sometimes I am amazed to read some comments here,
but on the other way, it does not come as a surprise to me.
It tells me, that there are still many Souls,
who did not find a Guide yet!
Don't worry, they will come.
Asking me if we only have a few days left?

I would ask you, what would you do with your heart if so?
Almost 2,5 years I am writing on this forum.
The only place, I do these writings.
Some people close to me, follow these writings,
and they know who I am.
For those I waited for this announcement!
They will read it, as a surprise.

Was it a Vision?
No, it was a step into future!

The 20th of the 12th, will be my wedding day!
Is that all Gaia Man?
Yes for the 20th it is!

But living for 47 years on Gaia, getting married
for the first and only time, you can consider this
as a Spiritual move on my Path.
Love is Spiritual, because its the language of the heart.
Yes, the date was well chosen.

And Yes!
There is coming a New Energy to the Planet,
which will affect all of us!
Although it is a Positive energy, it also will
have it "side effects" to the whole Planet.
We will see a strong winter on various locations.
Climate change will grow.
The alignment above will be very special.
We will change our views worldwide.
Many celestial and Gaia events are about to come.
We will adjust to them, walking on the Path to the Light!

I am still here, only as a married Soul!
A dream? My girlfriend told me, it wouldn't be a Nightmare!
So there I go Thursday!
From me and my Wife,..
I wish you all A Merry Christmas and a Happy New New Year!

Lots to write for that time in our Journey.

Take Care, See you next Year!
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