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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It must really suck to pretend to know the future, and then have your "prophesies" slapped back into your face, like the above "predictions," rendering you a fraud.

Obviously NONE of your above predictions came true. What do you have to say?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 318005

Gaia Man said many times that it is difficult for him to tell the time his visions correspond to.

On 21 May 2005 he said:

"Sometimes the visions are very clear to me, and come to me in a state of meditation. Sometimes they come to me at night when I am sleeping.
Those who come at night are the most difficult to remember. Sometimes I can see numbers or even writings. For example, this week somebody asked me about
where the first big earthquake would be. When I "tuned" in on that question, it took me 15 minutes when I saw the first pictures.
They were not very clear in the beginning, but I saw some houses falling down from a hill. A minute later I saw the word "Welling" New Sea, and those words were very, very clear and strong! So for me it was Wellington in New Zealand. 2 days later I saw the same picture(houses falling from a Hill in NZ) on the TV news.
But I thought It would be a major big earthquake in 2007, because I also saw the numbers 2007.
But anyway, I will go on writing here with what comes to me. I already have some things on paper, but not enough to post them already.
The next 3 days, I have more time, because I don´t have to go to work, so I can spend more time on this. The results I will post here.
Something on The Great War, I can give already to you. It will be very important that the people of the continents of North-America, Australia and Europa stop with their war on words, because they will need each other to the bitter end."

As for "NONE" of his visions never coming to reality, you should really read the whole PDF file and then compare the visions to some newspapers. You would be amazed!
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