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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle etheric traveller
Post Content
Btw...in Monad one encounters beyond polarity of thought. So mind transcends thought entirely. It becomes more intuitive, and in bodhi one encounters the deep inner knowing, which is beyond all human wisdom. It is a place of absolute truth only.Now since my pink cosmic lotus is not fully open, all things are not known to me yet....so partial only at the moment, so that again is why the struggle I encounter.

What good report do you have for those who seek the inner Path?
What will they be rewarded with?
What is the beauty at the end of the Path?

To this I can answer ...beauty will be revealed before crossing of the Veil for some, and some will transmute liken to the butterfly. Seer here and teacher of rhema, just on hiatus as I learn these more recent learnings. Grounding is very essential.
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