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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Cosmic Traveler
Post Content
I understand that we all have spirit guides and are not traveling alone. While I'm trying to meditate, I am having a hard time quieting my monkey mind.

Do you think our guides will be able to make contact with us if we are unable to quiet our minds and drown out the noise?

If we are unable to contact our guides, how will we know the portals or how will we know we are not being deceived?

I believe you said we'd be close when Ufos were making headlines. I am reading more and more of UFO sightings.

Are these visitors here to help us and are they in anyway connected to the portals opening?
Seems to me if they can travel inter-stellar or inter-dimensional, whichever the case may be, they could have whacked us long ago if that was their objective.

Can they be trusted?

I do long for a higher plane of existence. I would hate to miss an opportunity because of fear of being deceived or because my monkey mind got the best of me.

What do ya think?
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