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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi everyone there,

Had you ever thought what´s going on in this planet? We are being tested by our own development and things are changing around us. I suggest you to search for "LIFE" in this forum and if you want, seek further and further. It will not be so easy.

Life and Human society is increasingly in Peril, lets solve the problems soon!

Best hopes for a better humanity,

A scientist who cares
 Quoting: search for life ; ) 362702

Funny, I have yet to meet someone who cares to be a scientist. Einstein was - a scientist - and yet participated in building the atomic bomb.

Nowadays most scientists take the thirty Shekels offered by the greedy - any morals or ethics aside as there are none.

Science played a major role that we became as we are now: selfish beings with useless aims to fill a life without direction. Science led us where we are now: at the edge of a bottomless pit - oh well, at least we'll go out in style, right?

And yes, you are perfectly right that "life" is so much more than science ever will be able to imagine. To get to this understanding it takes REAL knowledge, not something made up as that is all that science has to offer.

Take care, and please, don't cross-post o.k.?
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