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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle A scientist who cares
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Funny, I have yet to meet someone who cares to be a scientist. Einstein was - a scientist - and yet participated in building the atomic bomb.

Nowadays most scientists take the thirty Shekels offered by the greedy - any morals or ethics aside as there are none.

Science played a major role that we became as we are now: selfish beings with useless aims to fill a life without direction. Science led us where we are now: at the edge of a bottomless pit - oh well, at least we'll go out in style, right?

And yes, you are perfectly right that "life" is so much more than science ever will be able to imagine. To get to this understanding it takes REAL knowledge, not something made up as that is all that science has to offer.

Take care, and please, don't cross-post o.k.?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 118721

It´s not funny at all. We are talking about our present and future here, about Earth´s life future even. Science is neither good or bad, humans can apply it either direction or many intermediate ones. What´s good or bad? That´s just a human conception, a definition that can change from the perspective of the observer, of course. The point i would like to clarify is that science is not obscure and negative as you seem to think. We have this civilization largely because of science. Without the knowledge we get through time, we wouldn´t be part of the cosmic conscience, we wouldn´t be addressing nothing and we will be not a very notorious species on Earth. But things are not as this, but otherwise, so don´t condemn science and don´t get out such a genius as A. Einstein as a bad example when he actually was largely the opposite, a pacifist. What i addressed wasn´t science, ethics will be much closer.

I think the people of a so important nation need a much deeper look at the problems we humans are facing and know there are things being done. We all can help, and we do need science.

Best hopes for a better humanity,

A scientist who cares
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