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Message Subject The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,...
Poster Handle Cleolotus
Post Content
"how do we protect from catching virus
if caught what is the cure"

When the Virus comes from the City of the wind and will travel by air, people have to close windows and doors. People should have fresh water and food in their homes. To many people for the vaccine. The camps will be full. The blue helmets will rule the streets. From abroad more vaccine will come. For many to late.
 Quoting: Gaia Man 154

Hi Gaia Man

I am wondering whether the Coronavirus causing problems in China is "The Virus" you mention in your Thread?
 Quoting: Cleolotus

Kia ora Cleo,

I think yes.
I remember I wrote it here on GLP that it would come from deep down in China.

Wuhan fits in it.
Wuhan is the City of the Wind I saw.

Its arrived.
 Quoting: Gaia Man 76159448

Thanks for confirming this for us Gaia Man. We have appreciated your insights over the years. In the future they will look back on this Thread and be amazed by how accurate you were.

Take good care of yourself and we look forward to any other insights you can share as we all go through this Corona Virus Journey this year.
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