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Rush Limbaugh = Jeff Christy

Anonymous Coward
05/16/2005 02:06 PM
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Rush Limbaugh = Jeff Christy
[link to www.kfyo.com]

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh was spawned in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on January 12, 1951. He was born to Rush Jr. and Mildred. Rush was a chubby kid and described as "not the most popular". He became interested in radio as a lad reportedly, Rush worked for a top 40 station during this time. With the exception of education, Rush was influenced by his father who was a successful attorney. Rush´s father imprinted conservative ideology onto his kids at a very young age.

At the urging of his father, Limbaugh attended Southeast Missouri State University but dropped out after three semesters.

During this time, the Viet Nam war raged on. But Rush Limbaugh was to have no part of it. He got a "4F" through a pilonidal cyst (pimple) on his posterior. Rush vehemently and wildy accuses those who do not favor war of being un-patriotic yet when it was his time, Rush Limbaugh skated right out of harms way. It is amazing that Rush´s devoted listeners who claim to be the bastion of American values completely ignore the duplicity of their idol. Rush Limbaugh avoided serving his country and is now cheerleading a fight that will result in death of true patriotic Americans.

In 1971, Rush landed a job at WXYZ using the name, Jeff Christy. He was to read the news, sports and weather but couldn´t help from adding his own commentary. This lead to Rush being fired. This seemed to be a pattern for Rush having been subsequently fired from KQV, KUDL, and KFIX.

Rush later went to work for KMBZ. He dropped the stage name and went on air using his real name. He read the news and this time was allowed to do commentary. But Rush Limbaugh felt it necessary to dwell on political commentaty and logde attacks in the process. Management asked him to ease off but Rush did not. He was fired again.

Rush´s first "successful" radio program was in 1984 at KFBK, in Sacramento, California. The station needed someone to replace Morton Downy Jr. Rush was allowed to do harsh, attack oriented commentary as that is what this program sold. In the tradition of his father, Rush espoused conservative ideology but mixed it with preachy pop-psychology (and still does). Rush became a hit as the listening audience was given to being soothed by such rhetoric.

It is quite ironic that Rush realized a big boost for his name and popularity during the Gulf War when Ted Koppel would have Rush Limbaugh on as a guest commentator. The same Rush who avoided serving in Nam through a boil on his posterior and is a great propagator of the myth of the "liberal media", advanced his own name through preaching war and on a program used by conservatives to foist a myth on the populace


[link to www.cuttingedge.org]

because he´s a NeoCon cheerleader for the sheeple.
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:16 AM
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Re: Rush Limbaugh = Jeff Christy
Is there a bigger ashole in the galaxy?