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Israeli Arab MK who joined Gaza flotilla: IDF raid was a 'pirate' operation

User ID: 948409
06/02/2010 11:10 AM
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Israeli Arab MK who joined Gaza flotilla: IDF raid was a 'pirate' operation

Heated debate erupts in Knesset over Gaza flotilla; Miri Regev from Likud tells Hanin Zoabi: 'Go to Gaza, you traitor... We don't need Trojan horses in the Knesset.'

"The two people responsible for the crime ran out of the room," said Barake regarding Netanyahu and Barak. "We stand behind our friend Mohammed Zeidan, the head of the Arab Higher Monitoring Committee, and of course our friend MK Hanin Zoabi, we see their acts as noble deeds."

In response, MK Regev yelled at Barke "hypocrite, traitor." MK Ben Ari (National Union) also confronted Barake calling: "Where is Gilad Shalit? Traitor, your day will come."

[link to www.haaretz.com]
Anonymous Coward
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New Zealand
06/02/2010 11:11 AM
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Re: Israeli Arab MK who joined Gaza flotilla: IDF raid was a 'pirate' operation
Section V : Neutral merchant vessels and civil aircraft

Neutral merchant vessels

67. Merchant vessels flying the flag of neutral States may not be attacked unless they:

(a) are believed on reasonable grounds to be carrying contraband or breaching a blockade, and after prior warning they intentionally and clearly refuse to stop, or intentionally and clearly resist visit, search or capture;

(b) engage in belligerent acts on behalf of the enemy;

(c) act as auxiliaries to the enemy s armed forces;

(d) are incorporated into or assist the enemy s intelligence system;

(e) sail under convoy of enemy warships or military aircraft; or

(f) otherwise make an effective contribution to the enemy s military action, e.g., by carrying military materials, and it is not feasible for the attacking forces to first place passengers and crew

in a place of safety. Unless circumstances do not permit, they are to be given a warning, so that they can re-route, off-load, or take other precautions.

68. Any attack on these vessels is subject to the basic rules in paragraphs 38-46.

69. The mere fact that a neutral merchant vessel is armed provides no grounds for attacking it.

[link to www.icrc.org]

[link to www.youtube.com]