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Liars spreading crap about the Talmud...

05/17/2005 02:05 PM
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Liars spreading crap about the Talmud...
Jew haters constantly post nonsense about the Talmud.The Talmud is a rather dry and boring collection of legalisms regarding the Bible, written by Rabbis over hundreds of years.
It does NOT contain anything that condones necrophilia,child molestation, or any of the other nonsense these lying Nazis continue to post as if it were true.
The whole thing is just asinine, really. There are so many other Jewish religious writings that you could make up lies about--why the Talmud?
Why take easily the very dullest of the Jewish writings, that is so very common and thus easy to prove you are lying about it?
Why not make up stories about the Sepher Yetzirah--the Book of Creation? There is an idea for you--make up weird stories about how all those old Jews at the Wailing Wall are really plotting to use the Sepher to build gollums to take over the world?
One thing that is certain: ALL the crap posted by Nazis making ridiculous claims about the Talmud is utter nonsense, without the slightest basis in reality.