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Message Subject Methadone Clinics
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I am currently a client at a large clinic in Portland. They dont really call it treatment, its really considered "harm reduction". I have been on it for 4 years. Because of an epilepsy disorder I haven't been able to get one doctor to talk to eachother and get me off this shit!

As for the Covid19? Nothing has changed! No e of the staff or nurses use gloves or masks. Clients are obligated to attend 2 one hour groups per day. These gr6ojps are 30 people max, sitting in a circle, packed in like sardines! There are some very immune and lung compromise people that go here. This clinic also has about 1000 or more. So yeah strange days have found us!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78437959

My wife was the methadone coordinator for our area here at one time, she still works in harm reduction capacity. The meeting about Covid today was among the hospital network administration. Hospitals took today to figure out the plan going forward, on the West Coast.

is immunocompromised or the groups of pregnant women to be given the option to attend via a video session, got the go ahead for that in our network.

If she hadn't fought for that then it wouldn't have been on the agenda of the meeting, they hadn't even thought about the dependency groups or the mandatory AA groups. She saved lives today, got it fast tracked. Now they have to figure out a way for those that are court ordered to attend counseling to get credit even if they can't show up in person and have to do a video session going forward.

She's a saint and the kind of person you want fighting for you if you're an American who ended themselves up in a situation requiring help from the system. That whole field is tough, dealing with some serious hard case stories, but a lot of regular people from all walks of life who have substance use/abuse problems.

Just a relevant story. This was just tonight. Things are changing rapidly in the hospital networks and will continue to evolve people are just making it up as they go. They know they're going to get hit hard, not everything is a priority anymore. That's the way it is, what can you do in a plague but the best you can with what you're given to work with.

And the CDC didn't give much at all, just cockblock at every turn. Left in the lurch, the hospitals have to come up with a response for their communities now. My wife fought for the pregnant women groups and compromised patients hard, interjected and got her way, people won't know it, but it was her that saved their lives if they otherwise would have come in and got infected. Behind the scenes intel.
 Quoting: Brian Moran

Today I had to call my primary care physician to send a letter to my clinic NP. If I fit the criteria I will be given up to 14 days supply. Because my "status" is M1, meaning I go in everyday, I had to get the note from my doctor before the clinic would consider me for any take homes. The clinic keeps telling everyone to bring their boxes, but only some have actually gotten the SAMSHA? recommended take home medication.

Groups were required 2 times a week up til 2 weeks ago. Last week they cancelled all groups, even those that were optional, and up to 10 people only. UAs are still being done, which I understand needs to be done, but when 1000 people use 2 bathrooms in a big city MAT clinic? It was already disgusting and boarders on criminal before Covid19.... No they have security or nurses clean that filth and its not much better now.

Social distancing is a joke in my clinic. I wear gloves and mask when I go now. I still get looked at, eyes get rolled, and the mood is "Who cares? We gonna die sometime." I think the clinic will be giving out at least 1 week supply. There as been ZERO communication with any clients about what may happen or why things are NOT happening. All I hear is
"Its the State fault!"
"For what?"
"They wont authorize the clinic to dispense the take homes without an emergency declaration! " And thats when I get scowled amd eye rolled by staff who really dont know what to do. Hopefully tomorrow I can receive my 14 day supply so I dont have to venture out on public transportation.
The people are getting scared. And it hasnt even begun to pop off.
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