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Message Subject Sandra Bullock Fights Fecal Sex Rumours By Hinting She's A Lesbian
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wonder if her downfall - framed by home made wierdo porno - was payback for her screwing over Porn star Janine Lindemulder in the custody battle she had with Jesse James?

Bullock used he cash to block Lindemulder from seeing the kids.

Presumanbly because Lindemulder was a porn actress.

Now Bullock has been brought down for porn of her own.


[link to ca.eonline.com]

Is Jesse James' Ex Behind Sandra Bullock's Tabloid Mess?

The story gets worse and worse: Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's hubby, has now apologized for his "bad judgment" following reported stories about kinky sex with tattooed porn hussy Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Could it get any worse for the lovable Bullock, who just won her Oscar?


Sources who know Bullock quite well say they have good reason to believe the tabloid stories breaking right now are not just Jesse and Michelle's doing:

"I guarantee you Jesse's ex wife, Janine Lindemulder, had a hand in this," claims a longtime professional colleague. "[Jesse and Janine] hate each other, and remember, there was that horrible custody fight."

The Bullock crony was referring to Lindemulder's brutal court battle over the former couple's child; James was awarded custody in the end. Bullock was helping James raise the child while Lindemulder went to prison for tax evasion, battled drug recovery and was labeled an "unfit" parent by James.

"They are the same person," continued the Bullock source, regarding Lindemulder and McGee, "tattooed, the porn, the same conniving...I know they know each other—Janine got Michele to do this out of revenge, I promise you."

Now, hold on a minute:

Just because both women slut it up for cash and love to ink themselves as much as they do promote themselves doesn't mean they're in collusion. Or does it?

Lindemulder is currently in a halfway house, but her husband, Jeremy Aikman, says he and his wife do not know Michelle. Aikman is speaking to his wife at this time to see if she wants to comment further.

Stand by for that sound bite is all I have to say.

This story is far from over. A shame Sandy's great moment was so short-lived, huh?

Dudes just suck.

[link to www.thehollywoodgossip.com]

Janine Lindemulder: Jesse James is a Master Con Artist, Thinks Sandra Will Take Him Back

Jesse James believes Sandra Bullock will return to him ... his ex-wife says.

Janine Lindemulder watched Jesse’s tearful Nightline interview but didn’t buy what he was selling the national TV audience, a source close to the situation said.

James broke down in tears during the interview while saying he wanted to get caught and saying his father's abuse of him as a child led to his cheating ways.

Lindemulder's not buying it, though, believing it was all a PR stunt.

“As far as Janine is concerned Jesse is just a master con artist," a close close to Janine, who is currently battling James for custody of daughter Sunny, said.

Michelle McGee expressed similar views of his "generic interview."

Jesse James' ex- and soon-to-be-ex-wives are not fans of his.

Jesse's ex-wife does not think the abuse he claimed he suffered at the hands of his father was anywhere near as bad as he claims - or caused any cheating.

Instead, “Janine feels Jesse was scarred towards women after his own mom abandoned him when he was only 7. Jesse is a control freak who reacts badly when he cannot get his way. His father stood up to him at times and he resented that.”

Okay, fine. But why go on Nightline and cry about it?

“He believes that Sandra will take him back in time and that they just have to stay apart for a while for the sake of her public image. His ego is so big that he cannot really accept that he brought about his own downfall and nobody else.”

Janine Lindemulder, a former porn star, will be released from a federal half-way house in Oregon today and is planning to move closer to Sunny in California.
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