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Message Subject Religious whackjob murders her baby
Poster Handle Sandi_T
Post Content
You come off as very self righteous and ignorant.

What makes you think that people don't care about the abused children? Just because you were?

You got hurt, now the world has to pay! Is that about right?

I give $$ every month to support a child that I have never even met. Your assumption offends me. By the way, the organization I am affiliated with numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Your bitterness is truly a poison.
 Quoting: Gradient

What makes me think that people don't care? I'll happily tell you.

People will send thousands to programs over-seas, that they never really know for sure what happens to their money.

But there are many children in foster care, right in their own towns, that they don't know anything about, or care anything about. They could be helping them. They could do something as simple as, once a month, drop off a gym bag or even a teddy bear at the local police station, with the request that it go to a foster child.

Cheap, easy, can make a huge difference in a kid's life. Right where they live.

People who will demand that children be taken from their homes, but once that kid is a foster kid, what do they do to help? What do they do to reach out to that child? What support do they give?

And what about the other little girl in this situation? What about her? Who here contacted the reporter and asked to even send a teddy bear to be forwarded to the child who just lost her whole family?

I did.

Maybe the reporter won't know how to contact a social worker, but maybe they will.

How do I know? Because I was in the system, and I was around all the other kids in the system. It wasn't just me that was forgotten. It wasn't just me that was exploited. I managed to say 'no' when I was coerced for sex. Many of the girls in the home weren't.

Who did what? When I went to the police about it, afraid for the other girls, what did they do?


WHY is this case so important? BECAUSE THE UK HAS AN AGENDA!

THIS child should have been removed. But there are other cases in which there is NO good evidence for removal of the babies.

And in point of fact, THOSE are the premium babies, because a lot of people would have rejected THIS one. Why? Because mommy and daddy are ACTUALLY crazy.
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