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Message Subject Religious whackjob murders her baby
Poster Handle Gradient
Post Content
How do I know? Because I was in the system, and I was around all the other kids in the system. It wasn't just me that was forgotten. It wasn't just me that was exploited. I managed to say 'no' when I was coerced for sex. Many of the girls in the home weren't.

Who did what? When I went to the police about it, afraid for the other girls, what did they do?


You got hurt, now the world has to pay!

People may listen to you if you used your powers for good Sandi, yet you just want to rail, and rail, and rail, and rail against the system.

You never made it past the "anger" stage in abuse recovery. The dark has you, and won't let go of you. That is why you are plagued with dreams.

Your fascination with me is so cute. pump2
 Quoting: Sandi_T

There you go, see that was nice. Start a trend with that.

You go girl!! *snap!
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