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Message Subject <<<< Planet is DOOMED by COSMIC RAY CLOUD >>>>
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Although the seas are warming, findings show Antarctica is cooling, Antarctica's harsh desert valleys long considered a bellwether (warning system) for global climate change have grown noticeably cooler since the mid-1980's. Air temperatures recorded continuously over a 14-year period ending in 1999 declined by about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the polar deserts and across Antarctic. West Antarctic ice streams have started advancing, undergoing the same transition from shrinking to growing that appears to have occurred on a neighbouring stream 150 years ago. Perhaps after 10,000 years of retreat from the last ice-age maximum, researches turned on their instruments just in time to catch the re-advancement of the ice sheet.

A recent study, no shocker to real climatologists, appears in Science Express and shows that the vast majority of the Antarctic landmass is rapidly gaining ice and snow cover. Obviously this moisture comes from the sea and is being deposited in solid form on the land-way-down-under, this lowers the earth's sea level.

Antarctica's ice sheet is also growing in elevation. In the mid 1960s, ITT built a power transmission line in Antarctica. The transmission towers stood 115 feet tall. The power transmission towers have now long since been buried. The old Byrd Station has been shut down because it is buried beneath 40 to 50 feet of ice and snow and is slowly being crushed. A recent paper published in Science claims that ice is being deposited at the net rate of 26.8 billion tons a year in Antarctica, enough to lower sea levels."

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