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Message Subject Scrump's Newsletter 6/2010 *The Intentional Destruction Of Our Gulf-The Killers Expose Themselves*
Poster Handle crazycanuck
Post Content
Hey, Scrump, TX Patriot just called me an told me about this thread. It was perfect timing as I was posting about this very thing, on another board, where some refused to believe that help was offered and not taken up. Looking at your OP, many of the dates are recent (in June).


Some of them are from April... it's a crime.

It's absolutely unbelievable... until you actually see the doc.
 Quoting: ScrumpTheTexan

Scrump, once again, thanks for a great gathering of info. I live in BC Canada and we were one of the first to offer help. And, no, we did not ask for payment. You may recall that a team from Vancouver, BC, were the first to make it to the 9th Parish after Katrina - DAYS after the hurricane, but we were the first to get there. I remember seeing on the news the guys heading the rescue team and they said they couldn't believe they were the first to arrive, but that's what the people there told them.

Now, when you are stretched so very very thin, you think you'd be grateful for any help that's offered....it is appalling to me that very legitimate offers of pumping equipment, ships, containers, booms, technical experts, etc are being REFUSED when this is THE BIGGEST DISASTER ever in the oil industry. As one other poster remarked, there should be THOUSANDS of ships in the Gulf doing whatever they can, however small, to get this thing contained. Perhaps if all these relief efforts had been accepted in April and May AT THE TIME THEY WERE OFFERED, then it wouldn't be so bad now. At least people would have hope instead of looking at the death of an entire ecosystem.

And why is BP left in charge of the so-called "clean up"? Why isn't this a military operation? Why isn't there a task force such as the Army Corps of Engineers to coordinate efforts? WHY?????

I certainly don't buy the argument that the volunteers want to be PAID. Does the USA ask for payment when it goes to help EQ victims, or flood victims? NO. Nobody "volunteers" and then asks for payment. What the hell is wrong?? The US government should be happy and grateful that the international community is so willing to help. If I were in charge, I would have said THANK YOU SO MUCH, COME ON DOWN. I don't get it.

Unless of course your theory about this being an attack is correct. Okay, so who is attacking and who's butt needs serious kicking?

God forgive me, but I want the BP execs to die.
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